Fast Week

It is amazing when you realize days have gone by and you don’t remember where they went!  I do remember working outside on a couple of days, cleaning out the greenhouse, throwing out stuff and pulling overgrown stuff to be thrown on the burn pile.  One of those days actually got too warm!  It was of course the day I was in the green house.  It was over 90 degrees in there!  It was then that I decided I for sure like Spring and Fall the best of the four seasons.  I love Summer so that tells you how much I like Spring and Fall!  Today it has been cold and rainy.  It’s been a day that I have not minded being inside.

Hubby got new packages of bees last week.  He ordered three boxes.   Had I been on my toes, I would have taken a picture of them before he took them back to the hives.  Today he went back to check the queens.  They come in their own little box that has a wax plug in the end of the box.  After poking a hole in the wax plug, the other bees eat the hole open so the queen can get out and do her thing which is lay eggs.  All three queens were out which is what you want to find.  Tonight we went to the Bee Keeper’s Meeting.  We took our almost six year old grandson with us.  He is always interested in helping Papa check the bees.  (I think he’d be interested no matter what Papa was doing, not so much that it’s bees).  Next month at the meeting we will learn how to check for Varoha mites.

This tree in our back yard is a plum tree.  We have lived here for 22 years and I can only remember it producing plums one year.  They are small peach and red plums in color that taste great.  I’m thinking that it must need another plum tree to be pollinated and that it was fortunate to somehow be pollinated that year.  I am hoping it will happen again with maybe our bees doing the pollinating!  It sure is pretty with all the white blossoms.  They don’t last long so when it is flowered out I have to snap a picture before the rain comes and takes the blossoms off.  This is the first year of being able to see it against the white fence which makes it look even more striking.  The fence was put up last summer.  This summer we will try to get the posts painted.  The fence was something we bought used.  It was quite the project to put up but we did it with help and it looks great and does what we need it to do; keep the cow in the pasture.

Our busy weekend starts tomorrow.  Posting might be put off for a couple days but I will look forward to returning.  ‘Tis the season’ for graduation parties!

Till later


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