Lemon Cleaner!

I’m finally getting back with a little report on my homemade Lemon Cleaner.  I had used my lemon peels a while ago to make a lemon cleaner by putting the peels in a pint jar, pouring rubbing alcohol over them, just enough to cover them and letting them set for a week or so.  I strained the liquid off, added water and mopped my floor.  Not my favorite for the floors because it seemed to need to be rinsed as there was too much left on the floor. A residue was left which took some time to be buffed off by walking on it.  This is a different batch however and I infused white vinegar rather than the rubbing alcohol.  I thought it would smell like lemon vinegar but there was no vinegar smell to my surprise.  I poored it in this little spray bottle and filled the remaining space with water.  I was surprised also to find that it had a little suds.  It appears as though it wipes up cleaner but I haven’t actually mopped with it so I am anxious to see if there is a difference.  I have wiped up some spots on the kitchen floor using the cleaner and paper towel.  It seems to be fine.  I suppose a couple of drops of dish soap could be added to it if you want to make a kitchen cleaner.  I use it on the meat block island as well.

Yesterday I harvested some Lavendar to infuse Vodka for a simple essential oil.  I’m wanting to make a room spray.  There are several things that Lavendar can be used in.  There are recipes for Lavendar Lemonade that sound good.  I’ve even seen Lavendar added to scones and shortbread cookies.  I will have to give a report later on the Lavendar spray after the Vodka has been infused for at least a week.

That’s it for now.  Back before long!



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