There are certain things that to me define a summer.  It seems to be many little things that we can take for granted.  Summer to me is waking in the morning to a peace and quiet that you don’t want to disturb until you have taken that first cup of coffee to the porch and watched the world wake up.  The birds sing their thrills, the sun lights up the dew on the leaves and the chipmunk steals my little strawberries that have decided to grow in the front flower bed.  On any given hot summer day you can hear the birds, smell the pine pitch, see the white stripes of the airplanes high in the sky and bask in the warmth that the long days bring.  This summer has been one of all of these things.  It has been one to pass along too quickly for sure.  We that live in the Northern hemisphere savor every opportunity to slow down and enjoy these moments.

Today was one of those hot summer days.  Being Monday, it was a day of picking up, doing laundry, feeding Kefir, making calls, watering plants, planning the next couple of weeks that we dry up the cow and go without our liquid gold, calling about getting hay for the coming winter and anything else that came along.  I was actually not feeling bad about being in the house where it was cooler since it was quite warm and muggy out.

The cow is producing a little less milk lately.  She is naturally starting to make less as her body prepares to give birth.  She needs to be dry for two months before the calf is born so that all her energy and nutrition can be focused on the calf.  We are looking at breeding Genny to a miniature Jersey next time but we will wait for a while to breed her back since this calf is not going to be born till the end of September or the first week of October.  It will prove to be an exciting fall as we have a new grandbaby in August, a calf born in Sept/Oct, and a new grandbaby the first of December!  Something tells me they will all be girls but we shall wait and see.

The day cools, the evening sneaks in, the sky paints a perfect back drop for a full moon and all is well.  Once again, another day has come and gone.  And yes, the color of this flower is for real!

Back again





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