Little Thoughts

As I look at my kitchen cabinet with the glass doors, I see little sticky hand prints.  They look to be the size of a three year old.  Thirty years ago (which sounds like forever but flys by)  I would have quickly grabbed the Windex and shined the glass, removing the grease and grinning with the satisfaction of perfectly shiny glass.  Today, I hope no one grabs the Windex and removes those precious little hand prints from my glass because there’s only so much time left before they will be the last prints to be so little.  I remember as a young Mom, having realities hit me now and again like: when was the last diaper I changed?  When was the last time I got her the drink she asked for before she began getting her own?  When was the last time I helped her tie her shoes?  When was the last time I picked her up and hugged her when she had gotten hurt, rather then bending down to make it all better?  When was the last time I carried her to her bed as she slept.  These things happen without any warning and without any way of stopping them.  While we were in the midst of those years there were so many changes happening and exciting things taking place that there was never any mind paid to them;  until the realization hit that there was no going back and holding that baby just one more time.  Actually, it’s good that we Moms didn’t know when those “last” times were happening because we might have been a basket case for other reasons.  I remember being tired of washing bedding after a night time accident had happened again and the thought hitting me, “this too shall pass”.  I was suddenly able to realize that these years would not last forever and at some point it would stop.  And so it did.

I have always believed that being a wife and mother was one of the most demanding jobs a woman could do in life.  Not only are you on call 24/7 but there are no manuals or handbooks that come with the job.  You jump in with both feet only to find that most of the learning comes after you’ve already taken the class!  Your grades don’t come in until the kids are  grown and anything good that comes from your years of experience, you can’t take credit for.  Yet it is a job of endless rewards.  It comes with unconditional love, hugs and “slobby kisses”, and the innocent things they say and do keep you laughing.  Then you wake up one day to watch your babies raising babies and the thought hits you, “when was the last time I held by baby?”

There’s an old poem that has a line in it that says,  “settle down cob webs; dust go to sleep.  I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”.

Enjoy the moments!

Sentimental Grandma


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