Quick News

Four Sisters Farm daughter number two, pregnant and due the middle of August, decided to follow in her younger sister’s footsteps and have an emergency Appendectomy!  It has been and interesting and busy week and summer to say the least.  As Mom, there is nothing more important than the well being of four daughters, their husbands and all the grandkids.  We are thankful for lots of friends and family that have been praying for Mom and baby this week.  Baby is fine and doesn’t seem to know anything is going on outside of the ordinary!  “She” is as active as ever and has no clue that she is sometimes making Mom very uncomfortable.  Mothers often wish they could take their kids’ pain away and make everything all better but we can’t.  I remember when one of the girls would be sick and I felt sorry for them, I often said I wished I could take their place.  In all the years that have gone by nothing has changed that feeling.  The only thing that has changed is- now there are 24 people instead of 4 that I feel that way about!  All things considered, things are going well and recovery is taking place.  She was released from the hospital today and is very thankful to be home and in her own bed.  There are three other people in particular who are glad she’s home too.

I may not get to post as often in the next couple of weeks but I will try.

One blessed Mom of Four Sisters


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