Its a Girl!! Again!

Four Sisters Farm was known for girls for many years and seems to be continuing along those lines! This morning we were blessed with Granddaughter number 10.  We have six grandsons too.  Number 10 decided she didn’t want to wait any longer.  Because she was breech, Mom was rushed into surgery.  At a little after three in the morning our little baby girl was born.  She weighs in at 1lb. 12oz.  She made it to 26 weeks gestation.  It is an amazing thing to see a little one so small.  She would fit in the size of her Daddy’s hand if he could hold her.  Even as small as she is the nurses are saying she is feisty and doesn’t like a wet diaper on her!  She sucks on her hands and wiggles a lot.  They are called Micro-Preemies and that they are.  It is very hard to comprehend what you are seeing until you put something alongside her to compare her to.  Baby is doing ok as well as Mom even though we expect there will be some rougher days than others.  Hopefully she won’t have too rough a start but it’s best to be prepared.

I remember 2009 was a year where something fairly major happened every month.  This year seems to be looking similar.  At least this summer has been that way.  It is such a blessing though to have peace and know that God is in control; we don’t have to fret or worry because he knows all and will be with us through it all.  I can hear the calm voice of baby’s mother now;  “hi Baby!  Momma loves you!”,  that familiar voice she heard for weeks as she was developing.  What a miracle it is that life begins the way it does.

I’m sure this blog will contain all kinds of updates for a while.  In the meantime, all is well.  The cow will be in her last month here before calving.  We go to get hay tomorrow night.  The new chickens are growing like weeds.  The weather is teasing us with temperatures like Fall.

I shall write again.

One Blessed Grandma



My Grandmother, 105 years old, did pass away this past Saturday in the early hours of the morning.  It has been sad to see her spend the last 10 years in a care facility but as dementia took over, she was always living in the present moment.  So present that if you asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee, she would say “no” every time.  If you went and got it anyway, she would drink it right down and say it was good.  It was funny.  Tuesday  was her funeral.  There weren’t many people there since she had outlived her co-workers, friends and many family members.  She was layed to rest by Grandpa Sam.  My father who himself is 84 years old, has spent the last 10 years being faithful to visit his mother and see that her needs were being met.  He has taken care of her finances and took care of most of the funeral arrangements.  I have thought for some time now that caring for Grandma has forced him to keep going.  Even when others would visit Grandma he wouldn’t take a week off; he’d still make the trip to see her, rain or snow, sun or clouds.  Today, Dad’s life makes a big change. No longer  will he have that responsibility.  It was one of those bittersweet days where we were glad that Grandma was set free from her body and mind which she could no longer control but at the same time it was sad to see Dad lay to rest another very important person in his life.

If there is anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that death is more a part of life than life itself.  It is so final.  It is something we avoid at all costs but cannot change. I am so thankful that this life is not all there is.  The fallen state of this world carries such pain for the majority of the people living in it.  Sometimes I look around and pain and suffering are all I can see, then the simplest thing will remind me that there is a whole new life waiting; one free of pain and suffering, one free of tears, one free of death and best of all it’s free!  It is a life that enables us now to pull ourselves up by the boot straps and “keep on keepin on”!  The best is yet to come!

The roses from her service.

Back soon


It’s a Girl!

Tuesday we were blessed with our ninth granddaughter and she is beautiful!  She weighed in 5lb 8oz when they brought her home.  And grandma finally got a namesake,  Ariana  Desarae.  Has a nice ring if I do say so myself!  It is always amazing no matter how many babies I hold, to look at the miracle that happens inside of the womb.  And to think it all just happened with a “bang”!  Ok, a little sarcasm there.  I couldn’t resist.  We welcome our little one with much joy and look so forward to the next family picture of all the grandkids together.  It’s always outdated even before we take it, as will this one be but it is still fun. One of the sweetest times when babies arrive home is to see the littlest ones hold and kiss on them.  They can sometimes barely talk but they can make it clear that they want a turn to hold her and kiss her.  It is so sweet.  These are such precious years.

As one little one comes into the world, we have another family member that will be leaving this world and returning to her creator who will give her a life far better than this one.  My dear Grandmother on my father’s side is still alive at 105 years old!  She has spent the last 10 years in a care facility.  She hasn’t known us for years now and I have been very thankful that when the memory goes, you don’t have a concept of time.  It has been hard still to think of her being there for so long.  All things considered, her health was good.  I believe her years as a nurse on her feet many hours a day, gave her a heart as strong as an oxe.  To this day, her heart is not failing her.  As I think of all the memories I have of her, I will try to pass them on to our family.  I dream of writing everything down in book form some day but for now it will be chicken scratch on notes to be compiled at a later date.  As I write this now, I am watching a Hummingbird enjoy all of the Hollyhocks right outside my window.  I pray Nana leaves this world as quickly, peacefully and beautifully as the little Hummingbird does when it takes off.   It will be a blessing to know she is free from the the confines of the life she has had to live these last few years.  I love you Grandma.

Until next time,







Waiting is hard isn’t it?  We rush to get somewhere so we can stand in line.  Kids ask 100 times “how much longer”, adults lose sleep as if we can change circumstances by thinking or worrying about anything.  Waiting for anything can be hard.  We get excited if we wait for something good, we get nervous if it’s something challenging, we get scared if it’s possibly bad news, or we can get upset if we’re to be part of a confrontation.  Waiting for a baby to be born is exciting but our impatience is showing!  Daughter #2 was told she probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend.  We should have known!  Now we are looking at Tuesday!  Oh well, baby will come when she is ready and it will all be good.  If she waits till Thursday, she will be born on her sister’s birthday.  Wow, that would be interesting!  I guess that would make it easy when it comes time to celebrate each year!

Four granddaughters were able to go visit their Mom and Dad for a couple nights.  Mom at 24 weeks in her pregnancy and baby are still doing well.  Everyday baby stays in the womb is huge at this point because they developed so quickly.  I will be anxious to have my second set of daughters home though.  We have fun together and I am looking forward to every memory I can make with and for them.  I do hope they can have enough good times during this trial, that they will be able to look back and see it as a good time and not a time that dragged on.  Here is a picture of the chicks we have.  The girls love checking on them and feeding them.  They take ownership and feel some responsibility for them.  I will be anxious to have the girls here when the calf is born the end of September or first of October.  Having these experiences to tell to their Mom and Dad will also be important.

I do hope my next post will be an announcement about our little one being born!

Best get some sleep:)

One Day at a Time

When I was growing up, (if I ever did)  I remember a song that became well known in the gospel music world called, “One Day at a Time”.   I can hear them singing it now. It’s funny how something can make an impression on us as a kid and I didn’t even really care for the song that much but that line of the song is the most important part.  Today I can have peace and take one day at a time because I was taught what the Bible says about not worrying about tomorrow.  It is so much less stressful to trust that God has a plan and cares about all our concerns and needs.  I am so very thankful that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.  Today is truly the most important day.

This is a short post but I have a couple that I will post right away, just want to get a picture or two.

Hope you enjoy the Hollyhocks!


Update @ Four Sisters Farm!

My writing has had to change over these summer months with all that has happened.  Daughter number 4 had an appendectomy, daughter number two had an appendectomy and now daughter #1 is in the hospital at 24 weeks gestation, due to losing the amniotic fluid.  So far things look pretty good.  Baby is healthy and active. She is at one of the worlds newest and best hospitals considering all that’s at risk.  Life on the farm has been very active but not with animals!  The active bodies that run around these days are two legged, noise makers with dirt on them rather than four legged!  But they are mine and I love them.  Not all of them are toddlers.  They range from 10 months to 13 years old, but yes the majority are toddlers.  We have a 10 mo., 2 yrs., 3 yrs., 3 yrs., 4yrs., 6 yrs., 7 yrs., 8 yrs., 12 yrs. and 13 yrs.  Today I took the four that are staying with us while Mom is in the hospital and we bought some new chicks.  I had not heard of the Jersey Blacks but the gal at the store told me that they were good layers so we got six.  When we got them home and settled I looked them up.  She didn’t tell me that they were Black Giant Jerseys!  But they are a layer and meat chicken cross so who knows; maybe we will go back and get more!  The girls are really excited because who can resist a baby chic.  They had them named before we ever left the store!

Its as though we have gone back in time.  To have four sisters back in the house that we are responsible for is very special.  No one wants them to have to be away from Mom and Dad (four hours away) but if they are going to be separated for any amount of time, I want them to be with me.  It may sound selfish but that isn’t my heart.  I have an almost possessive feeling in me toward any of our grandchildren.  It’s as if they are our flesh and blood just like those I birthed.  I guess in many ways they are ours except I didn’t have to birth them and I am not responsible for them under normal circumstances.  My heart goes into protective mode;  I want to protect their feelings and emotions with all that’s going on while at the same time be open and honest about what is happening.  They have a long road ahead of them but it doesn’t have to be bad.  I want it to be a learning experience in a way that they will come through it with lots of good memories.  God has been so good to take care of everything thus far and I have no doubt that he will continue to take care of all of us along the way.  In the mean time, I get to work with these girls, laugh, play, teach, encourage, correct, guide protect and love on them in a way that is a special opportunity that doesn’t come along every day.

While we just stay focused on the day in front of us we anxiously await the new little one that daughter number 2 is ready to birth any day now.  She was just told this morning that she probably won’t go past the weekend so these are exciting days.  There will be much to write about in the next few days I am sure.  I just hope I can take the time.

The Hollyhocks are just in front of me each morning, looking out the window of my porch as I write.  What a beautiful flower.

I hope to be back soon