Waiting is hard isn’t it?  We rush to get somewhere so we can stand in line.  Kids ask 100 times “how much longer”, adults lose sleep as if we can change circumstances by thinking or worrying about anything.  Waiting for anything can be hard.  We get excited if we wait for something good, we get nervous if it’s something challenging, we get scared if it’s possibly bad news, or we can get upset if we’re to be part of a confrontation.  Waiting for a baby to be born is exciting but our impatience is showing!  Daughter #2 was told she probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend.  We should have known!  Now we are looking at Tuesday!  Oh well, baby will come when she is ready and it will all be good.  If she waits till Thursday, she will be born on her sister’s birthday.  Wow, that would be interesting!  I guess that would make it easy when it comes time to celebrate each year!

Four granddaughters were able to go visit their Mom and Dad for a couple nights.  Mom at 24 weeks in her pregnancy and baby are still doing well.  Everyday baby stays in the womb is huge at this point because they developed so quickly.  I will be anxious to have my second set of daughters home though.  We have fun together and I am looking forward to every memory I can make with and for them.  I do hope they can have enough good times during this trial, that they will be able to look back and see it as a good time and not a time that dragged on.  Here is a picture of the chicks we have.  The girls love checking on them and feeding them.  They take ownership and feel some responsibility for them.  I will be anxious to have the girls here when the calf is born the end of September or first of October.  Having these experiences to tell to their Mom and Dad will also be important.

I do hope my next post will be an announcement about our little one being born!

Best get some sleep:)


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