It’s a Girl!

Tuesday we were blessed with our ninth granddaughter and she is beautiful!  She weighed in 5lb 8oz when they brought her home.  And grandma finally got a namesake,  Ariana  Desarae.  Has a nice ring if I do say so myself!  It is always amazing no matter how many babies I hold, to look at the miracle that happens inside of the womb.  And to think it all just happened with a “bang”!  Ok, a little sarcasm there.  I couldn’t resist.  We welcome our little one with much joy and look so forward to the next family picture of all the grandkids together.  It’s always outdated even before we take it, as will this one be but it is still fun. One of the sweetest times when babies arrive home is to see the littlest ones hold and kiss on them.  They can sometimes barely talk but they can make it clear that they want a turn to hold her and kiss her.  It is so sweet.  These are such precious years.

As one little one comes into the world, we have another family member that will be leaving this world and returning to her creator who will give her a life far better than this one.  My dear Grandmother on my father’s side is still alive at 105 years old!  She has spent the last 10 years in a care facility.  She hasn’t known us for years now and I have been very thankful that when the memory goes, you don’t have a concept of time.  It has been hard still to think of her being there for so long.  All things considered, her health was good.  I believe her years as a nurse on her feet many hours a day, gave her a heart as strong as an oxe.  To this day, her heart is not failing her.  As I think of all the memories I have of her, I will try to pass them on to our family.  I dream of writing everything down in book form some day but for now it will be chicken scratch on notes to be compiled at a later date.  As I write this now, I am watching a Hummingbird enjoy all of the Hollyhocks right outside my window.  I pray Nana leaves this world as quickly, peacefully and beautifully as the little Hummingbird does when it takes off.   It will be a blessing to know she is free from the the confines of the life she has had to live these last few years.  I love you Grandma.

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One thought on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Love this blog! Love you, Des! Your family a blessing. Side note: I always think it must take more faith to believe in the Big Bang than in God, our creator! That would have been some bang! Unreal idea! Ha!


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